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Originally Posted by gpshumway View Post
Since we're talking low-SAPS oils in gasoline cars here I thought I'd post a link to Artem's UOAs with Amsoil Euro 5w30. It's not a turbo Subaru, but it's a modded Civic Si, driven hard. It held up well, including the TBN, wear metals were also excellent.

All in all, I'd say the jury is still out on low-SAPS oils in gassers in the US. Gathermethewool is modded and shows a lot of fuel, 1wrxtra's latest doesn't look like Amsoil Euro, and his previous UOA looks pretty good. Now if only we could find some M1 ESP and Pennzoil Ultra Euro UOAs in gassers...

Oh, and Dennis- take a look at the Lubrizol chart of 504/507, it pegs the meter for wear, sludge, piston deposits, and oxidation. The performance specs of 504/507 (Low-SAPS) certainly don't scream "girly-man oil" to me... There's always risk in change of course, but in a few years with the low-speed detonation requirements of GF-6, lots more oils might be "low-SAPS".
Can't see the Lubrizol performance chart on my phone, but I'll check it out later. Motul Specific 504/507 shows oci's of 15k km's for VW's that spec 502. I think you mentioned this. Pretty impressive.

Why don't you hire Terry Dyson to test a few low SAPS oils like he did on the original GC? It's probably only a few grand.

And now for a manly uoa, Red Line 5W-40 with a quart of Red Line 40WT race oil.
Where's Uncle Scotty? dOOOOOOd! I've been doing this since most of these snotty nosed kids were in diapers.

Yes, I know that loading up with tons of AW additives isn't always an ideal solution (especially due to deposits). I think it's probably a good idea to keep a low SAPS oci in a turbo Subaru at 5k miles though or under unless you plan to do some trending with TBN and even TAN. I still like mid SAPS Motul X-clean for the low phos and high-ish zinc.

Edit: I checked VW 504 on the Lubrizol comparison tool and it's impressive. MB229.5 is as well.

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