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Originally Posted by bluesubie View Post
Can't see the Lubrizol performance chart on my phone, but I'll check it out later. Motul Specific 504/507 shows oci's of 15k km's for VW's that spec 502. I think you mentioned this. Pretty impressive.

Why don't you hire Terry Dyson to test a few low SAPS oils like he did on the original GC? It's probably only a few grand.
Yep, take a look at all of the Euro-brand 504/507 websites/PDSs and you'll see the same thing. In Europe, cars which originally came with a 502 requirement (no OLM) keep their 15k KM OCI when switched to 504 oil. It's VW's factory recommendation. Actually, newer cars which came from the factory with an OLM and factory requirement for 504 (gasser) have variable OCIs of 15-30k KM with this oil, which is why the poor TBN retention in the US surprises me so much. Sure, the Sulfur levels are higher and we have Ethanol, but does that really cut the OCI by more than half? Apparently so.

Liqui-Moly 4200's (504/507) product page recommends use in all VW/Audi engines except some diesels, and reads:
As such, oil change intervals of up to 30,000/50,000 km (or every 2 years for low mileage drivers) are possible as per the manufacturer's specifications.
This would certainly be a job for Terry, and if a coalition of 2011+ owners wanted to chip in, I'd be the ring leader, but judging by the (lack of) response to my oil poll, I'm guessing getting $$ out of anybody is not going to happen.

Yes, I know that loading up with tons of AW additives isn't always an ideal solution (especially due to deposits). I think it's probably a good idea to keep a low SAPS oci in a turbo Subaru at 5k miles though or under unless you plan to do some trending with TBN and even TAN. I still like mid SAPS Motul X-clean for the low phos and high-ish zinc.

Edit: I checked VW 504 on the Lubrizol comparison tool and it's impressive. MB229.5 is as well.

I agree. Messing with additive levels can be counter-productive. "Wet" engine parts are very important of course, but I'm just as interested in intake track deposits. Do we have any borescope or teardown shots of WRX or N/A Subaru intake systems? Plenty of people do the Seafoam thing, but I'm not sure how necessary it really is. The cars don't have EGR AFAIK, so one source of manifold deposits doesn't exist. My old Mercury Mystique with the 2.5L modular v6 had terrible deposits from EGR+PCV gunk. It's hard to know how much was from the previous owner's unknown oil and how much came from the MaxLife syn I used in it. I had to replace the fancy dual-runner intake manifold's actuator at ~110k mi due to deposit fouling.

If I were to try a low-SAPS oil in my car I would certainly restrict the OCI to 5k mi until I had some trending. The Motul you mention is a VW 502/505 oil, superseded by 504/507 in the rest of the world, but the safer bet here in the land of Sulfur and Ethanol.
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