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Originally Posted by 79letour View Post
Whatever, diesels by nature tend to belch out nasty smoke.
I hate when some guy in a propane injected F350 shows up at the dragstrip. Its putrid.
I'm not saying subarus or other brand new cars arr billowing smoke.
Just sayin that it sucks riding behind diesels usually.
That's an odd remark, because the propane injection increases diesel usage and reduces the black smoke by nature. Now. With him drag racing I'm guessing his injection pump and injectors are turned up/ tuned and or modified ( depending on year of truck, my 96 cummins had turned up pump, my new one is all computer driven so its tuned up). The propane injection helps to run more effeciently, upto 95%+ effecient when set up correctly. I'm assuming its only helping to reduce his smoke, and without his injection system the smoke would be multiple times worse.

The newer diesels can perform very well without rolling smoke like the older ones. It just costs lots more to get them there. Kinda like running a Berk exhaust vs a coffee can exhaust from pep boys. ;-)

Diesels can be very very clean and quiet, just older ones and "half built" ones roll lots of smoke.
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