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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post

As to the content of your argument, vis a vis CVT vs 5 Speed, I already pointed out that you have struck out

(CVT MPG "Problem" thread,

"Stevenhnm is 0 for 3 (in baseball, a strikeout) when it comes to his theory that a CVT gets worse HWY mileage than a 5 speed, all other things being equal.

1) Fuelly data shows that the highest Combined MPG's belong exclusively to CVT's
2) The EPA testing shows that CVT's yield higher mpg's than 5 Speeds
3) on this forum, looking at owner reported mileage, CVT owners have posted the highest (absolute) HWY mpg's consistently -- at least those owners who drive their CVT on the highway, with the cruise on, under 70mph are posting mpg's that I know are unachievable in my car, because that is how I drive it on the highway (cruise, 65-70mph).

There is something there, there, when three distinct data sets all say the same thing. That is all I am pointing out with that Fuelly data. End of story."

I haven't seen any evidence to dispute these three facts, you certainly haven't been able to provide it.
I'd negated them multiple times previously. Just because you keep ignoring or rationalizing the answers and regurgitating your irrelevant dogma doesn't mean I have to keep answering you.

1. BigFatHorse's fuelly data showed the 5 speed averaged 27.8, the CVT 27.3. You had to find some way to discount that so you said CVT drivers drive more in the city (LOL). Where's your proof? I say 5 speed drivers tend more to being aficionados. At any rate the fuelly data shows the 5 speed gets better fuel economy than the CVT. There are more CVT's than 5 speeds in the data so of course there are more at the ends - both ends.

2. The EPA data is what's in question here. You are trying to prove something by stating it is a fact, therefore it is. Sorry, go take logic 101.

3. You are taking a few anecdotes and calling it relevant data. This, although in looking at the link in #1, you make a snide remark about the relevance of that sample.

I'm not the one striking out here - you've done it several times.

And now I've quoted your little buddy flyboy getting better mpg in his 5 speed than I can with my CVT. I can't get anywhere close to 30 mpg at 75 mph anywhere near sea level.
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