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Have a Nice Day? Blown out by pickup truck

So there I am, on my way to my friends house. I stop at a traffic light with my stereo thumpin out some nice tunes. Out of the corner of my eye I see this big red pickup truck pull up. My head is bobbin to the beat, I slip into 1st gear and watch for the green.

The light changes and I hear tires squeelin over the sound of my radio. I gently ease up through first gear and shift into 2nd. At that time the truck jumps past me. I gas it a little in 2nd, creepin up to the side of the truck and then lazily shift into 3rd at approx 4500 RPM. Then in a big cloud of black smoke the truck lurches ahead and quickly sweeps into my lane, claiming its victory.

100 yards or so further, after I promptly change lanes myself to avoid his smoke screen tactic, a big hoopty car pulls out in front of the truck nearly resulting in a 60 mph T-Bone.

Being the proud loser of this asphalt melting race I drove past on the right side and waved goodbye to the owner of the truck.

Sorry, boring post and misleading subject. Guess im not much of a road racer.

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