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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
Why, you are trying to take data from an owner with a 5 speed to prove what cannot be proven, that a CVT gets worse HWY mpg's than a 5 speed in the same driving conditions...

In any case, when you take over NASIOC, you can censor me. Until then, post your unproven theories, and I will show you their inherent flaws.
You really have a problem understanding what is written, don't you (even when you write it)? You said: "Please, if you don't have a CVT ... don't bother with him. I simply agreed. Now, follow your own advice. I get tired of responding to your continued drifting from reality.

As far as HWY vs. Combined mpg, you said:
Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
Fuelly data shows that the highest Combined MPG's belong exclusively to CVT's
Then I said:
Originally Posted by stevehnm View Post
1. BigFatHorse's fuelly data showed the 5 speed averaged 27.8, the CVT 27.3. You had to find some way to discount that so you said CVT drivers drive more in the city (LOL). Where's your proof? I say 5 speed drivers tend more to being aficionados. At any rate the fuelly data shows the 5 speed gets better fuel economy than the CVT. There are more CVT's than 5 speeds in the data so of course there are more at the ends - both ends.
Where was I talking exclusively about highway?

As far as your "CVT's get more of the higher end mpg's" that's true only when you get out beyond the top standard deviation, when according to BigFatHorse's fuelly data the CVT gets 30.1 and the 5 speed gets 30.0. At the bottom standard deviation though, the 5 speed gets 25.6, while the CVT gets only 24.4 mpg.

That's a much greater difference, and shows the CVT gets more poor mpg than the 5 speed (as well as a worse average).

You should go try to look for the truth rather than spew your bs.
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