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Originally Posted by 13whiteguywrx View Post
Look smartass it's my car and I will do with it what I want.that being said I did not say it will work flawlessly without a tune yes it will run slightly rich. And i called several shops around the Charlotte Nc area . There specific words were with that intake they have not seen any 2008-2013 WRXs with issues. It's not running rich it's not boost spiking. I drive my car with care I don't thrash it around like some of you not saying you do.Yes I will have a tune soon but no it's not necessary. This is a picture thread not an opinion thread if I wanted your opinion I would have posted this in a different thread.
Blow your engine for all I care, one less semi-literate idiot on the road with a wrx. Just don't spread your uneducated opinion for others to interpret as truth.
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