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So, it's been a while since I posted any stuff here. For my first autocross event I wanted to see how I could utilize my iPad mini in my WRX. I came across a few apps for iOS that were meant for the track and autocross, but the one that everyone seemed to use and suck out for me was Harry's Lap Timer.

Features I like about that app are:
• Automatically starts and stops lap timing using triggers
• Video overlay of information
• Multi cam Support with other iOS devices and experimental support for GoPro
• OBD II integration and support for external GPS unit

And I got the "Grand Prix Edition" for $27.99 to get all the features I wanted.

How I used the app on the track:

There is an "AutoX" option where you can set the start and finish points. So, when I walked the tracked, I set the start and finish points roughly where the official timer triggers were. And those triggers start and stop the recording of the video and lap time. But, it didn't work 100% because I think the built in GPS was a bit wonky so it wouldn't give the exact location I was, but 100ft off.

Built-in GPS

Couple things that can help with that. If your start and end points are very close to each other, you can set a direction in which it will trigger. You can also define how "wide" or "narrow" the app looks for those points. Messing around with those settings helped, but I still wasn't satisfied because of the GPS's built into the iPad mini with LTE and the iPhone 5. They are good enough for day to day navigation but not so much for the track. The refresh rate for the built in GPS is 1hz and that slow blip doesn't give accurate results with plotting the track, or fining the trigger points. The app does some interpolation and does a good job for what it has to work with.

So for my second autocross I got an external GPS that is compatible with iOS devices. The one I got that just just came out and is a bit overkill for my application is the Dual XGPS160. You could could also just get the dual xgps150. The reason I got the newer version is that it's refresh rate is 10hz, while the xgps150 is 5hz. The device connects via bluetooth and can have up to 5 connections if you wanted. It comes with a non-slip pad and stuck the unit on my dash in the recess were my clock is. It was a night and day difference with accuracy and plotting the map! At lest it was for me lol.

External GPS

As for OBD device I used the PLX Kiwi 2 Wifi. It works great, and also have DashCommand app to view more vehicle information. I was having issues with the connection and the end of the day, but I think that's because my iPad and iPhone where looking for the same wifi connection. Turned off my iPhones WiFi for my second autocross and it seemed to help fix that issue. The one thing the app didn't collect data on was my braking, which I wish it did as it can help me at getting better at this whole racing thing.

My set up:
I was using my iPad in my dash for the main device, then my iPhone on a RAM mount as the multi cam. The iPhone was synced via bluetooth and controlled by the main Harry's Lap Timer. When it's done recording the iPhone sends the video to iCloud then to the main device so you can over lay the footage. It takes a while for everything to transfer, but they are working on a direct wifi connection in a future release to help with that. You can also switch which video is the main one, or the PIP, which was nice as my iPad can't see out the window lol. External GPS unit was the dual xgps160 and was connected via bluetooth. Data from the car was being sent from the cars OBD II port by a PLX Kiwi 2 Wifi.

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