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Originally Posted by davetsbass View Post
I tore my acl while crumpling around my bike on a downhill run a couple of years ago. I opted to not get it 'fixed' and it took about a 6 months for my knee to feel sturdy enough to go in the back country on my snowboard. Now 4 years later, I'd never know it was torn.

Were you doing some gnar drop on the bmx or something to get it that way? Good luck on the recovery and take it easy.

and as everyone else has already said many time, dope ass project. can't wait to see it finished
Glad to hear someone else decided not to do acl surgery as well. Im pretty sure I tore my acl in 2010 on a pitbike ( bbr perimeter frame 50). Which had me down about 6 months, never went to the Dr. then. So this time i just landed just right on that knee and tore the mcl this time. My knee feels pretty good. Mcl is healing up now, walking i have no issues, and no pain when baring weight. Almost have full ROM back in it.
But I wish i could say i was doing a bad ass trick, but i wasn't. Just a 180 fakie out of a bowl. At the park there are 3 concrete bowls in the ground along the sidewalk, it was getting dark and a little kid ran out in front of me when i was dropping into the bowl, i was already committed to the trick... but i tried to back out at the last min.. My rear tire didnt clear the lip so my body turned, bike did like a 90 degree turn so i landed on my left side / leg, and it just buckled and twisted. everyone was laughing, when my leg was on fire, major pain. only pain was my mcl,inner side of my knee. But its been a little over a month and everyday its an improvement. got a brace im wearing now which helps out. But take it day by day, i almost have forgot about it being tore up. so i see no reason to have a dr hack my knee up.
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