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After never receiving my emblem I confirmed with Vin that it did indeed go out in the mail. Upon doing that I went in a raised such a big stink,at the post office, that they are now going to try and track it down starting at the post office in New York where Vin is. My post office acually took it as there fault because they've been having some major problems in getting mail to the recipients(see P.S. below). I told them if they cannot track it down they can cough up the $50.00 I spent to buy the darn thing. So much for through rain, hail, snow, sleet, ect. They can't even get it to right post office to deliver it anymore!!!

Still hoping to get an emblem some day

P.S. My post office just recieved a huge bundle of mail intented for New York. My mail delivery person(mail man) is under evaluation for not delivering mail to the right addresses. I recieved notices that my bills were not being paid on time!!! It ended up that my mail was going to the house of the same number but of the wrong street. The other house owner was on vacation and my mail was just building up at his house. It's kinda hard to pay bills if you never get them!!! I had to have the main manager of the post office send notes to all my bill senders(5 of them) so the deliquencies wouldn't be held against me. I've lost so much respect for the postal service. Now they have the gall(sp?) to up the price of a stamp. Hopefully it will up their quality because it is obvious that they need to (IMHO)!!!!
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