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Originally Posted by Swine View Post
Juan I think you will have a better arguement if the 5spds are unreliable at stock or close to stock power levels.

As it is, if it can be reliable with sub 300whp, 75lbs is certainly significant weight savings and especially at an extremity that would certainly affect weight balance and distribution.

Also, what did you have in mind that could be redesigned and save 75lbs and stick the 818's price goal? Just curious.

I agree that FFR should have considered the 6spd in the design for atleast an option for people like you, but if the trans is reliable with stockish hp, they have nailed an Affordable easily sourced special feeling race car with about as proper of a weight balance as they could manage with affordable Subaru hardware. 6spds are great, but they aren't cheap, they don't typically come in $5k wrecked wrx's, and they are heavier. It's not a hard arguement to understand IF(big if) the 5spd can remain reliable at ~275whp levels.
The weight on the back may aid traction who knows. The extra 75lbs can be loose by using a light weight battery and some wheels other than the Rota's .

Originally Posted by Mechie3 View Post
I dont think I claimed one way or another, though there were many that were adamant it would last forever. Again, history of the parts plays a big role too.
I think the history of broken 5-speed boxes will prove again to be true.

I rather have a car that I know I can beat on and that is going to be reliable instead of driving a car that at any moment can leave me stranded.

Good luck with your car, I myself may buy a kit in the future.

Originally Posted by Hondaslayer View Post
Who cares? Even at 250whp these cars are going to be stupid fast. Building a 400whp 818 is pretty much missing the point.
My WRX with a VF39 on E85 was as fast as a 2000lb with 250whps... it felt ok but not stupid fast.
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