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Originally Posted by AVANTI R5 View Post
From their drive review:

Sharpened Weapon or Blunt Instrument?

Porsche has thrown an astonishing amount of technology at the Turbo to keep that much power always pointing in the right direction. Both models use the active rear-steer axle from the GT3, torque vectoring and a water-cooled center differential, while the S also offers ceramic brakes, anti-roll control and active engine mounts.

None of those change the fact that despite its hybrid steel and aluminium construction, the Turbo carries the same weight as the previous all-steel car. At 3,516 pounds, this Turbo is the first 911 coupe to breach the 3,500-pound barrier.

As a result, and for all its speed, the 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo is a less rewarding car than, say, a standard Carrera S. It doesn't sound as good, it doesn't rev so high and while the throttle response is astounding for a turbo motor, it can't compare to a normally aspirated engine.

And those extra pounds can be felt even when driven fast on the open road, let alone a closed circuit. The body floats a little over difficult crests and when you turn into slower corners, you can feel the car has an inherent desire to understeer before it unleashes its full battery of technology to overcome it. And by the time the four-wheel drive, vectoring, rear steer, anti-roll and stability systems have had their say, that urge is indeed mitigated and the Turbo will go where you point it.

Problem is, it never feels as natural as it should. This explains why, despite 85 extra horsepower and an ocean of additional torque, the Turbo S is no quicker around a racetrack than the GT3.
Ahhh, but what do they know about anything?
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