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Originally Posted by 555 View Post
Cool car!
People here loves such dyno queens. For a 60 lb/min turbo @ 22 psi 377 whp is not that bad. It is equal to 460-470 crank hp. It is low but acceptable with 14 deg. timing and 95 ron fuel. Don't confuse with people claims that they are producing 500 whp with 1.5xtr or 18G turbo. Its an American dream.

You may spot on spool. It should spool around 4500 rpm without and 4000 with AVCS. Spool is where you achieve 1 bar of boost. It is not full boost. You may expect full boost 300-400 rpm later on that.

You have a high injector duty cycle there for a petrol based fuel so you may be looking for new fuel pump like Walbro 450. Your injectors will fail to feed that turbo if you switch to alcohol based fuels. So be worth checking new a set of 1300 or 2000cc if your aim is to achieve 530-540+ whp.(most out of your turbo)

You would struggle to get more power from a GTX3076R with that fuel. If you are in PRC why not use M85 instead of 95 RON! You will get most out of it.

Thanks for such detailed lessen for me, mate!

Before we start to talk about that, let me clarify something first.
Im in mainland PRC and stay in major cities mostly. In the city, there are no such ethanol fuel supplying, they are 95 only. If you want some ethanol, you have to go to the countries, but most of petrol stations supply like E15 or E20.

Im not really moaning about 22psi with 375whp output coz i know it was pouring day, high humidity, while high temp with low quality fuel in low reading dyno. There is no leaking of whole system after carefully checked. There is a funny story from my american friend. A bunch of owners they call them Dyno queen which means they mod their cars just for dyno and then return back to garages and they keep doing that. And these people do influence a lot for the users here. So from that aspect, Im pretty happy and satisfied with my scooby.

And back to topic, I did dyno tune yesterday with Aquamist HFS6 meth injection on. Let say its fairly good result. Eventually, my scooby does [email protected] ish, [email protected] ish. Here are newly adjustments:
Facility: ABL Beijing PRC
Weather: 100 F
Humidity: less then 15% (sunny and roasted day)
Tuner: Lusang
Dyno info: Dyno Cosber
Baseline for dyno: 210whp 2.5 STI
Gear: 4th
Target Boost: 24 psi
Target AFR: 11 after injection
Ignition timing: 12-17 degree
Fuel: Local Ron 95
ECU: ViPec V44 PnP, ViPec IAT, Knock Interface
Meth Injection: Aquamist HFS6 with 100% ethanol, 1mm jet with 0.9mm restrictors

The reason why I use ethanol instead of methanol, meth is restricted chemical so you need approval letter to get that, second reason is safty issue.

Right, good result so I took my scooby for a spin. the road is only 300 metres length, I just did 0-100 kmph test with 275/35/18 SP1 tyres. D box shows 0-60kmph is 1.9 sec (its quick) and 60-100kmph i made a mistake so the time is 4.3 secs. If i can get into 2nd gear properly at that time, the time would be like 3.7-3.8 secs.

Okay, Thanks guys for your useful information for my dyno tune.

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