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Originally Posted by TheWRXinMe View Post
I still think on turbocharged engines the gains from a CAI are extremely minimal or non existent in comparison to an SF intake.... Ok let's say you have a 10 deg difference in IAT... Once that air passes through the turbo I would bet that difference is even less.... I have not found any data that proves this wrong or right, but for those that have dealt with compressing and releasing gases know how quick and powerful the temperature change is... This temp difference post turbo will have such a minimal impact on power output with how hot the air is to begin with... This is why IC's are your workhorse for cooling... Now once you get into the heavily modified area and are trying to squeeze everything you can out then this would make a difference but in reference to typical Stage 2+ cars the dif is negligible....

If this weren't the case then I bet Cobb would have made a CAI....
You're missing the biggest problem with a SRI...

1) 10 deg difference is laughable, as FCmaniac said it's easily 5 times that.

2) Yes, the intercooler will cool things back off, but the IAT sensor is located before the turbo. The IAT sensor is what tells the ECU that the temps are too high and corrections are needed. With the INCREDIBLY high IATs caused by a SRI, the ECU is in a near-constant state of high temp correction. It's dumping in fuel and pulling timing when it reads these high IATs, and THAT is what kills power.
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