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I see tons of dumb **** by customers. The most recent was a customer with a 12' or 13' wrx with 5k on it. He came in with a flat tire and the spare was on there. We were doing an inspection with one tire. There was also a complaint that the rear driver side piller was falling off and that there was a rattle from the back.

I run my emissions on the car and bang out the tire real quick. So I look at the plastic trim piece that is pulled away. It's missing a green clip and the other one is still clipped in and the part it slides into is broken. So obviously someone yanked at it hard and the guy tried to pass it off as it just falling.

Next is the rattle. Rattles happen so it's nothing new. Take it for a spin and I didn't really hear anything. Pulled back in my bay to check it out farther and to put the spare back in the car since I forgot. Guy is missing his trunk lining and there was an amp mounted to his seat. Then I followed a wire which went to obviously where his sub woofer was sitting. I figure for ****s and giggles I'll throw in one of his cd's since we don't get reception in the shop to see if maybe it's a rattle from the radio. Even without the subs in it still was loud and the cd I put in was a bass cd.

Seriously dude you're rocking a pretty decent system and I'm sure with the subs it's loud as hell and you're complaining about rattles? Dynomat that car or whatever it is kids do now a days. It's bad enough the car can develop rattles but add a loud system you're asking for tons to pop up. Best is he was rocking a nasioc sticker. lol
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