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Originally Posted by mschiavoni View Post
I had this problem with an old F150. dunno if the subarus have it but it sounds like an ignition coil
As a couple of others have said, the fact that the engine will start and run on the starting fluid means this isn't an ignition problem.

Originally Posted by crunchbaryumyum View Post
I think i have the diamond coil pack, weve tried looking at all the ends and making sure its tightened but still no go
Tried looking at all the ends of what? Making sure what is tightened?

Originally Posted by crunchbaryumyum View Post
yeah i just dont hear anything coming from the fuel pump, i just replaced it and still no start i unplugged both lines to the fuel filter and tried to start it and no fuel came out, idk i feel confident that its no power to the pump but im not sure how to test or fix it... maybe have firestone diagnose it
This isn't the sort of thing I would take to a tire shop.

Originally Posted by crunchbaryumyum View Post
I drove it to school perfectly fine one day and then after school it it just would not start. We tried replacing the starter and the battery on the spot. Still wont change.
Would it turn over and just not start? Or would it not even turn over? If it would turn over, then the starter and battery weren't the problem (as you discovered).

Originally Posted by crunchbaryumyum View Post
We towed it home and took the alternator to orielys, they tested it bad but said it still worked.
Again, the alternator won't cause a car to not start. Seems like you and whoever is helping you need to work on your troubleshooting methodology and general knowledge of how an engine works. And I'm not saying that to be a dick, but to hopefully help you from wasting money in the future by throwing parts that aren't going to help at the car. When it comes to the engine starting and running, the things Hondaslayer listed are where you need to start.

Originally Posted by crunchbaryumyum View Post
I tried switching relays but [I']m not quite sure if it was done right.
What do you mean by this?

Go here - that's the '96 Service Manual. Download the Troubleshooting Section PDF (11.7MB file) and go to page 115. That's the start of the "Diagnosis for Engine Starting Failure" section. The first few parts (the starter motor, ECM, and ignition system) can be skipped (since we already know the engine will turn over, and the ignition system works because the engine tries to run with starting fluid applied), so then you get to the fuel system stuff on page 131. Start from there.
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