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Default Short answer: IT'S A FRICKIN' JUN!!!

Long answer: It uses every trick in the book and a few that aren't. The Jun car is converted to 5x114.3mm bolt spacing (front only, I think). I haven't looked at it in a while, but I'm sure that the fenders have been changed, rolled, massaged or altered. Different wheels and tires can be used front or rear, as long as the diameter remains close to the same. I'm sure that the coilovers and camber plates are designed to fit a wider tire. Another possible way to make room would be with wagon L arms. Jun could have even moved the supsension pickups a centimeter or two. They have that technology.

Another trick I've been thinking about would be a spacer between the bottom strut bolts and the rest of the suspension. It could space the strut inboard and upward at the same time. Coilovers can also be made to mount on top of the strut towers. Strut towers can also be welded so that they are taller. That moves the strut upward so that the skinny part of the strut is next to the sidewall of the tire. Moving them inboard too much would prolly screw up the steering, I think.
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