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Originally Posted by the suicidal eggroll View Post

I've owned Mitsubishis, Nissans, Toyotas, and Subarus. Not a single one has had an oil level sensor. You act like this is some common practice and Subaru is being an idiot for not including it, but an oil level sensor is an incredibly rare thing to find on ANY car from any manufacturer.
I had one on my 93 5.0, so whatever.

In this day and age to not have more active insight into a modern engine is silly. But go ahead along with the rest of the 'derp derp check ur oilz I wish my car had less sensors and I had to figure everything out manually. Gas gauge? Who needs it? I just jam a stick down my tank and measure where the level is on that. Damn kids and their new 'devices', why not make the car just drive itself?'

Sorry I will never agree that saving money on a $5 monitoring component that can easily be tied into existing systems is a bad idea.
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