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Originally Posted by 79letour View Post
Better to be harder on it than too easy imo.
X2!! I was "easy" the first 300-400 miles as I was on hwy from dealer ( had like 3-4 miles when I picked it up). Then 500-800 maybe a little harder, full throttle but only to maybe 4500-5000 rpm. After 800-1200 miles or so I ran it up a little over 5000 RPM'S more often but it never saw redline till prob 3000 miles. Fact was, until 3000 miles or so I don't think it could have hit redline. It was so tight and smothered feeling I could outrun it on foot ( some if that was a slow feeling u get from cvt, as it usually always beat everyone away from red lights ). After 5000-6000 miles I've driven the dog out of it ( not abusing but not caring about mpg if you know what I mean ;-) ). Now it runs fine and with the K&N filter it'll pick up RPM'S fairly quickly for a 148hp cvt (which I never thought it would). I have changed oil every 3000 miles less first change at 2000 miles, and use Royal Purple 0W-20 with blk roki filters. I havnt seen an ounce of oil loss from day 1. Maybe if I drove longer between changed I would. But I've never sank a car into a pond either, because I don't drive cars into ponds. They recommend longer intervals these days and more people see oil consumption than before. I know some cars like 79's burned mucho oil he said, but I figured if I change every 3000-4000 miles I'll prob never see it myself. So far I havnt, knock on wood.
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