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Originally Posted by sgoldste01 View Post
Sigh. I saw this kind of thing a lot when I announced on the VW TDI forum that I was dumping my TDI and buying the Impreza. Some people just can't help but try to make the guy who is leaving "the club" feel bad. I don't know if this is motivated by jealousy, or by a need to make themselves feel somehow smarter or superior, or by fear that maybe someone else might have made a better choice.

Making the guy who is leaving the club feel bad doesn't work. I had my reasons for leaving the VW TDI club, and VWGTI has his reasons for leaving the Subaru club. And nobody is going to convince either of us that our reasons for leaving the club are wrong/illogical/stupid.

So don't bother trying. If you've got nothing supportive to say, try saying nothing at all, or be nice and wish the dude well.

Why do you always make things about you?

See zeeper post. The OP was making a statement about how our high resale value wasnt true. Which i believe is incorrect. The irony is that he traded for a car brand that has a lower resale value.

So, I made a simple statement that fit along the lines of resale value. So to recap, not bitterness or jealousy but reality
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