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Originally Posted by G2Spfld View Post
It's ok if you do not understand it. Things can be true even if we don't understand them.

I was trying to be nice and point out why you were flamed, without being derogatory. So I'll frame it another way, we don't know what we don't know. Your post was one that came from either ignorance or taking negative shots. I think it was probably the former to start with, then drifted to the later. Ignorance being the lack of knowledge about something, ie how trade ins work. Being offered $18K trade in ( apparently over the phone) with a current year car that was just 3-4 grand more new is a very normal offer. Then they plan on only having 12-13K in the car after the sale, making up the difference on the new car. Then they can ask 18-19K for the car taking 17 ish, making 4-5K on the sale. The fact that you actually got $20K and paid under sticker on Mazda says two things, you made a great deal on your car (feel good about that), AND mazdas have a high markup on their cars. Subarus do not have a high markup. Atleast the regular models, the Sti prob has a little higher even tho it's loaded with more tech than the reg impreza. I "saw" a new Z-71 Tahoe stickered for around $50K bought for mid $30K. Obv the lower price the car is, the lower the mark up is, dollar wise anyway. Percentage wise they might still be fairly close.
Thanks for the explanation, seriously. I do think I got a great deal. At a trade in of 18k, no, but at 20,5k yes, b/c that adds to cost of the new car obviously. I knew what the invoice of the car I wanted was and paid slightly higher, $270 but only b/c spoke to several dealers who would not even entertain less than MSRP b/c the cars are selling so fast/supply/demand. Mazda doesn't have large hold backs.

My post was more from being flamed I think, dont think it was from ignorance, b/c I crunched the numbers and knew what I needed and wanted to pay. So if you take the two equations seperately, IDK if they lost money or not, don't care, I reached my goal w/out taking a bath. At 18k yes, and that is why I was sharing, if anyone was planning on attempting to do the same. I wanted out so bad, I prob would have taken the hit, but I knew what my breakeven points were and beat them thankfully. I think resale values of the Impreza will do well, but I really don't know. I was very concerned and stressing that I could not get out. Only stated that I rebuttle how great b/c of what I experienced. In the end mine did hold, but it took alot more work than I had planned, and maybe some luck too. More of the latter.

I think I do understand your posts. Zipper not so much, I took the high road on his past ones. Will do same here. Not even sure who he was poking at. Good Luck and thanks! G2sPLFD!
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