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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by fuelMuncher View Post
Why would rallysportdirect get behind the product then, in that case? Does rallysport have a share in Redline or something?

well...its like HAWK brake pads...every vendor wants to sell them to you

because they make SO MUCH money on them when they sell them to you


and i wouldnt run hawk HPS pads on my car if they were fact i threw away HPS pads that had ~500 miles on them cuz they sucked so bad

but lots of guys DO buy them and pay WAY TOO MUCH...and THINK they are all k00 an ****

but I know better

same thing with using the wrong thing in the may seem OK for a month or 2....before it starts grinding and sucking real bad and ya hating life....but ya dont change it out because ya spent $$$ on it so ya keep on keepin on and in the end ya buy a new trans from....who???

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