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Originally Posted by fuelMuncher View Post
Key word, "may." I'm not sold either way, yet. Can an expert weigh-in, please? I just ran with the wrx power pack from redline after considering the cocktail formula for quite some time, but eventually went with the redline assuming a performance oil company has more resources to test, etc.
you're absolutely right. it's not worth trying $50 worth of fluids on the (likely) chance it will fix a $2000 problem

Originally Posted by fuelMuncher View Post
Allow me to paraphrase:
"On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not so extreme and 10 being extremely-extreme, I give this a 9.fiiiive!!"

Your cocktail may be great, but how good is a drink when the bartender is a ________________?
you're aware that it makes NO difference to scotty whether you ignore him or not right? you ignore him to YOUR peril, not his. his reasoning in HELPING everyone is purely altruistic. he doesn't benefit in ANY way.

in his position i would have personally sold the recipe to a particular shop to sell as their in-house magic gearbox fluid that nobody ever knows the recipe for and made a fortune off of it. just think about how many $thousands this has saved in gearbox rebuilds over the years, and therefore how many $thousands it could have made in profit.

but he didn't. think about that for a second.
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