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Got the EZ30D into the car.

On Thursday I got the Fidanza flywheel back, so I was able to put things together this weekend. I rolled the engine on its stand out into the driveway, lifted it up on the hoist, and installed the flywheel and clutch:

And here's the clutch and flywheel installed:

With those bits installed, it was time to stick the engine in the car. I wrapped a couple of fender protectors around the valve covers and front of the engine to protect my snazzy paint work, then lowered away. Took the "typical" wiggling and shaking and what-not, but it was relatively painless to get the engine and trans to slide together.

It's definitely a tight fit. A thumb's width of clearance on the driver side, and a pinky's width on the passenger side (due to that little bracket that sticks out from the frame rail).

Before lowering it all the way in I installed the plugs and coil-on-plug packs, as I figured they would be damn near impossible to get in with the engine in place. Once the engine was in I spent ~45min fighting with a cover plate that bolts to the rear bottom of the engine block and covers the flywheel and clutch at the bottom of the transmission. That frakking plate was the hardest part of the whole operation!!! Only two bolts, but getting the threads started was damn near impossible. Hindsight being 20/20, I should've installed the plate before dropping the engine in, but I was afraid it would get hung up on the tranny as I was trying to get the engine and tranny to mate together and would just piss me off, so I left it off. I think it pissed me off more as a result, so definitely a lesson learned if there is a next time!!

Still lots left to figure out - exhaust, cooling, accessories - but obviously this was a pretty big piece of the puzzle to get put in place.
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