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Originally Posted by hemophilic View Post
Yeah definitely interested. Crazy how mpgs can be so different on the same drive.

Saw a Mazda6 up close today. They sure are sculpted nicely. Too bad it doesn't come in wagon/hatch.
Yeh, I know what you mean. These are the numbers I was hoping to achieve/planning on with the Impreza. Not so crazy though, now that I have lived it. It is definately the PZEV, AWD and the CVT Trans IMO. For a year, was not just complaining to complain. Everything I was sharing was true and real world experiences. Others have shared the same/others have praised the MPG's. But I do recall alot of "my MPG's are this but I am ok b/c of ". So not naming names but they can quote anything they want from consumer reports etc... I have real world data/sampling in real world conditions. GTI prior rated lower and beating the EPA, Impreza not meeting, Mazda 6 one tank beating them. Granted this are just my results, but same controlled environment, only variable is the car. How can anybody rebuttle those results. That is why it pissed me off so much when Non CVT owners would rebuttle/questioning what I was living with. I couldn't and that is why I am out of the car. That doesn't mean the Impreza is a bad car at all. To me just means it did not meet my expectations. If I required AWD I would definately recomend the Impreza, but that would come with an MPG *

I am looking at both window stickers right now. Impreza 27city / 36 highway / 30 combined city/hwy ----- Mazda 6 26city / 38 highway / 30 combined city/hwy. Funny they both state 3.3 gallons per 100 miles.

They do come in a Wagon variant, just not in the US, Sucks! I would have bought that model. Just personally like wagons/hatches. More useful overall.

CLL - I do think it was a great deal, Like I said, jumped on it!! But that all aside, if the Impreza is what you desire and need, ie AWD, my old car is absolutely flawless. Somebody will buy it. It is like new. I was curious what they were going to ask for it.

Vegas - As stated the 2014 is a brand new car from the ground up. Hope they are no recalls on the 14's but that is out of my control. But I can tell you I would not have purchased a prior gen 6.

Good Luck All!
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