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Exclamation "censored!!!"


I just wanted to thank...
Gambit-(no he wasn't exagerating! 30 in 20min!)
Adrian128-(Crazy Kiwi's!)
Greg I
WRX PILOT-(Yeah, he does talk funny!)
for responding so well to my harmless post about a Kiwi's opinion on the new WRX. From my point of view eneryone handled my post just fine and there wasn't any reason to do otherwise. I did my best to use direct "quotes" and try to explain the accent he had because I knew that if I simply said that he hated it people would take it wrong and get pissed off. If you all had the chance to actually hear him talk about it, you would all be holding your sides in laughter!

At first he laughed a little about the i-club, saying things like "Oh, get a LIFE PEOPLE!". But the more I showed him of the club, the more he got into it, and he REALLY thought it was cool that I was putting what he said on the board! "HAHA! I'm FAMOUS!" -he said. He's pretty much computer illiterate.

I'm still trying to figure out why my post was locked. I look at some of the other posts that are alive and strong that have MUCH more abrasive (non-subaru related) material in them than my friends very harmless & comical outburst of opinion when I pulled a new Impreza photo up on the computer. I wonder what he will think of the i-club when he see's that his opinion was "censored".

I guess we all just have to keep in mind that this is Imprezer's forum and he can moderate it the way he wants.


If you want to see the post I am talking about go here:
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