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Originally Posted by ShawDizzle View Post
-Jack: going to a dyno gains best performance and you know what your car produces regardless if it's 240 hp or 800. I don't care about power either but I'd like the best performance for what I put into it
There are still alternatives. An AP will do well if you stick like glue to the parts that they have a tune for. You also can do a road tune. The result of either of these is a well tuned car without knowing a direct power/torque number. If I were to tune my car, it's the route I would take personally. I've had modified cars and when people ask me how much power it has (with that kind of tone where you know they're a jerk looking to 1 up you), I'll tell them 1.21 Jiggawatts or 12 thousand horsepower or 13 horsepower or "I don't have any idea". The real answer was that I didn't have an accurate idea....I had some idea but it's not worth spending money to me to know what that number is.
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