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September 28, 2013

What's being done: Torqued Performance Stage 1 SF Intake 93 Tune

Mileage: 11,058

When my main goal of this car is to keep it reliable, a built motor doesn't come to mind. The down time, chances of issues down the line, warranty completely erased, and will just become a huge hunt for more power. While I do love building my cars up to be quick, this is a car I want to keep simple. I will admit it is quite hard to not go crazy on this car and make it an animal. The Cobb stage 1 tune was more than enough. It satisfied my needs when wanting to make the car a bit more peppy. I ran that tune for over 6,000 miles and always kept hearing about the Torqued Performance tunes. I figured one day I would go ahead and try them out eventually to see what it was all about. Since the car mods have slowed down a bit, I decided to just go ahead and pick it up now before I get to busy with other priorities.

Downloaded the stage 1 tune from TP's website and loaded it up onto the car. My initial impression was just so-so. I noticed things smoothed out a tad, but nothing that made me jump out of my seat and say it was worth the 85 bucks. However, I decided to keep my mouth shut and let the car adapt more before I really gave my honest opinion on it. Having put 200+ miles on the tune, I can honestly say the car hauls. ass. More-so than it did with the Cobb tune. It really starts to shine when it hits around 4.8k RPM and the power comes on strong. Throw your head back into your seat strong. It's not the fastest car on the road, but when the turbo spools up... this car takes off.

Things I noticed with the TP tune different from the Cobb: earlier/faster spool up, smoother RPM band in all ranges/gears, no jolting when in first at a low speed, and most of all more torque in the lower power band.

Yes, these findings are purely what I have noticed from just driving the car. Not everyone may notice these things, but I really made sure I took note of every change I could when the car was adapting. I did a pretty hard dig from a rolling (slow) start and the car absolutely ate the gravel beneath me. Traction control was kicking in, but the PSS's tires were holding on for dear life and the car just took off. At that point, I immediately realized this tune was worth it. Just feeling how smooth the power was put to the wheels, it made the car very predictable. The 6.5k redline gets there way quicker than I was used to!

Now coming from the cobb stage 1 to the tp stage 1, it's not as big of a difference as it was from stock to cobb stage 1. It's not that big of a difference. It just takes where the cobb left off and picks up the slack. Gives you a much linear feeling and overall smoother power delivery. Is it worth the 85 dollars? I would say so. Just knowing and seeing the car run smoother made it worth it alone. Not to mention the customer service from Eric to get a "pro-tune" at the comfort of your own desk chair. I am going to log a bit more miles on the map so it fully adapts before I do some data logging and send it over to Eric. I have been really pleased with the TP map and have been enjoying driving the car even more. Peaking at 18.2 psi once, I feel it is a lot more consistent than Cobb. Peak PSI on the Cobb stage 1 was 17.5 and it would be anywhere from 15.9-17.6 on any given day. The TP map, I am hitting 17.9-18.0 consistently.

Naturally, I would love to throw a DP on the car and put the stage 2 TP maps on, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon. The reason behind that is purely wanting to keep this car as reliable as possible. I know jumping to stage 2 will just be a time bomb and just going to have to wait for the motor to blow. I sleep better at night knowing the car is safely on a stage 1 tune and running smooth and clean. Down the line, sure. But right now, I am more than happy with the performance of the car. I could definitely use a bit more torque, but who doesn't? Besides, I do have plans to pick up a fun RWD weekend/track car in the future. Go out and download Torqued Performance. I promise you won't be let down!

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