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Originally Posted by Back Road Runner View Post
How do you make 100 more ft-lbs than everyone else? That's not a minor feat and seems, well, unbelievable. I don't know where it comes from for 23psi on 93 octane. At the same time your HP is normal as that is just an air flow limit of the turbo. I just don't get how you get the torque without a significant bump in displacement or boost. I would expect north of 30psi to see that kind of torque number or an engine around 3.0L running 23psi to generate that kind of torque number. I can only scale to what I've seen from my own vehicle though. I've done 23psi on 93 octane and E85 also. I just can't fathom the combustion chamber difference to support 400 wheel torque. I mean all you can add is timing, and that won't net you 100 ft-lbs alone. You're still stuck with the same amount of burnable product that everyone else is only making 300 ft-lbs with. I don't know. It confuses me. I could say it's lower friction losses, but your HP is normal. I don't know how you get significantly more air/fuel into the combustion chamber and likely a lot more timing without knock at similar parts and psi as other people. Junior knows his stuff though. I just can't fathom the trickery he's doing to make that kind of torque without significantly more displacement or boost. I mean we're not talking 10-20 ft-lbs here. 100 ft-lbs is huge. Whatever Junior's doing, it's crazy good. I just don't know what everyone else is doing wrong.
I made 420 wtq all day long on 25-26 psi on VF39. I tuned it myself and there was no magic involved. IIRC timing was at 10 degrees at peak boost with 10.8-11.0 AFR. if he isn't cranking up the boost then he has to be adding timing and I would think he also changes AVCS.
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