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OK... everyone listen up.
I may be only a new Scooby Specialist...
BUT Im an expert vidiot. (videogame/idiot)

PS2 will be successful and is worth buying. However, the smart cosumer will wait a bit before buying a PS2.(all though you'll have to wait anyway if you haven't preorder it a couple of months ago)

Those people that say... they want it for a DVD player... are misguided. You can get a DVD player cheaper with more feature and a remote for less money.

The PS2 launch lineup is far from strong. It is always like that when a new system comes out. This Christmas season belongs to Sega and the Dreamcast with its built in 56K modem... online games are the future and Sega has games comming out that are compatable with PC's. (4x4 Evolution is a must buy for any DC or PC owner) Sega even has an either net adaptor for those of you who are connect online via cable.
To add further insult to Sony... Playstation games look better on the Dreamcast! The guys who developed BLEEM for the PC, now make BLEEMCAST for the DC. For those of you who arent familiar with Bleem... it is a playstation simulator. Many gaming sites report and post pictures that Bleemcast actually ehances original playstation games better than Sony own PS2! So... as of Oct. 8,2000... the day its released... you can play your enhanced Playstation games on the DC!

The online hardware is not included with the PS2, which means more money to get online. Sony will need time to set up their own network. Which will be at least a year. Which about the same time Game cube and X-box will be released.

The PS2 advantage is its advanced hardware.
It has the capacity to make great 3D games! But developers need time to learn to make good games on a new system. Plus as the games with 3D graphics get more intricate, programmers need more time to create them.

So I would personally wait a bit before investing my $381.60 into a PS2+$60 game.
With more competition, prices will go down, online hardware will be available and more good games will be out for the system.

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