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Default CV Rebuild

Originally Posted by dagger108 View Post
Back from the dead because the comments above were vital for me. The thin wire ring inside the cup is the whole key to the game for the inner CV. Everything else is simple and obvious. I practiced on the first, and took pix on the 2nd that I will try to post later for reference for other newb's in the future.

Unfortunately, I'm rather stuck on the outer CV joint. I've got both boots off, and one joint is even completely clean. I don't see any clips or wires to remove. I've tried hitting it with a 3 lb dead blow mallet, but no luck though I'm not certain I was hitting the right part.

As I look down on it, there is the drive shaft, inner race, outer race/balls, CV shell. I was pulling down on the shell while hitting it with the dead blow hammer. Do I need to do something different?
For someone's future reference, this is how I achieved separation:
Without a metal shop vise, I was having trouble adequately bracing the axle to receive the impact of the dead blow. Noticing a narrower area of the axle, I slipped a 7/8" open end wrench around the axle at the narrow spot, and supported the set-up on a basic wooden shop table. I then placed a 26 mm open end wrench around the full axle next to the bearing races. This gave me a solid surface to impact without actually hitting the bearings. A few whacks, and the outer joint pops off with a wire in the groove at the end of the axle.

I then cleaned the joint with a progression of mineral spirits, engine cleaner, brake cleaner. Apply, swish around, pour out excess, the use compressed air to blow out as much as possible. It took quite a few applications with the mineral spirits, several applications with the engine cleaner, and just a couple with the brake cleaner.

Then it is just place the boots and clamps on the axle, fill the joint with grease, align the wires in the grooves, and clamp the boots in place. Fairly easy if you look/get past the couple places I got stuck, which unfortunately isn't real uncommon for this newb.

If new, quality axles were available, I'd definitely rec that swap. Having seen the inside of my very lightly used cv joint, buying a reman would be my last, desperation option.
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