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A day in the life of Sev.

As the morning birds chirp Sev gets into his "trusty" Subaru Impreza. After hearing the "Crack" sound when the engine is started, the only thing in Sev's head is worrying. After turning on his beautiful $750.00 Clarion deck, he pulls himself out of his 'car stereo fantasy' when he realizes, he's running stock blown speakers in the front and blown 6 1/2 polks in the rears. (Which I might add have blown 3-4 times since using them for about umm 5-6 months, thanks Ken Polk!)
As insanity rips through Sev's head his foot quickly taps the throttle as he anticipates a roaring sound from his beast. vvvvvvvvvvmmm. WUPS! forgot. stock exhaust. The original one I had didn't 'work' out. Nodding, Sev puts the shifter into first gear. CreeeeAAAAAKKKKGHHHHHH.. DAMN this clutch! happened at 7k miles and still Subie dealer or SOA will do nothing about it. That's customer service for you! Put that shifter into first and feel the swift thrust of Subaru's "AWD". A deep "gunk gunk" sound from the back, still haven't figured out what that is! (snicker) <> rrrrr rrrr rattle rattle. Tried to fix these damn rattles but new ones still keep popping up. I guess I just put on a "aftermarket" glove compartment (that member who said that will recognize it) Again, putting all problems aside, a white corvette, pulling up to me and revving the engine. I say let's do it hickboy, and take off. THE SUBIE WINS.....!!! for about 1/10 of second before the king corvette overtakes the subster by about say, 30 miles. He must've been in another time zone, as I had just took off. By 60, we all know what happens after that.

There's a day in the life of driving for "STi Sev" Could you handle it? Each and every day?
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