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Excited to see that the car seems to be a champ in the handling department. If I would have read anywhere beforehand that they aimed for handling on par with Porsche I would have said "uh-huh". Seems that they've really hit the mark though, which is awesome! Is the engine mounted lower in this car then in previous iterations? Just wondering if they stole a few thoughts from BRZ development. Didn't make the auto show this year and didn't see it in person.

Speaking of things mounted lower, the turbo, a nice little chunk of mass is mounted right down at the bottom which is good. Not to mention the benefits of funneling the exhaust gas (more specifically the heat energy) straight into a twinscroll like that must do wonders for response. No boxer rumble......meh, who cares. I'll take a good design and efficiency any day. Besides, the quick little snippet of exhaust noise in the video sounded great! I'm sure uncorked she'll sing real nice.

As stated already, styling is totally subjective, me personally, I like it. It looks "grown up" but without being boring. More like a high end luxo sports sedan. A nice set of multispoke wheels would seal the deal just fine. People gripe about "styling" every time Subaru changes it anyway.

I'm itching to see what they've done with the STi now. If they've given us a WRX that is this good, it makes my hopes high for the STi. If they aimed for "Porsche" handling with the WRX, how about for the STi? Porshce GT3 handling maybe

Can't wait to see what turns up! Glad to see Subaru are still making proper cars.

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