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2009 WRX Hatch


Originally Posted by nightdown fox View Post
And I still don't get why they're hatchbackers whining on every single piece of media, blog, forum, and conversation about the new WRX not having a 5-door. I didn't say anybody wanted hatch only; I said if a car company creates a single body style that I don't want, I would move on if I needed a new car.

Here's a prediction. Subaru put all the money into this sedan for a car that is only 4% of their portfolio. Current owners complain about it's hatchless and call it "ugly" and leave. The car still sells with new owners, maybe old Scion TC fans who always wanted a factory turbo and AWD setup. Maybe with people who wanted WRXs but wanted a plainer exterior. The new car opens up a new audience. Then, in a few years when the car is getting old, they start to release more radical, sportier designs... And oh look, there's money in the portfolio to create a focused hatch version!

Same thing happened last generation with the hatch/sedan STI. I doubt Subaru will have any issue getting funds with a car that handles like this:

Your precious hatch will come at some point, just not in 2015.
Dude... you weren't around when the STi went hatch only in 08... you think this is bad?

You guys consistently downplay the piece of the pie that the WRX is in Subaru's overall portfolio, obviously that has changed over the years, but what you guys keep forgetting is that of that 4%... 50% were sold as a hatch. So it's speculation as to how many people they will lose in the end, but it's safe to say you're now looking at it being <4%. At any rate I hope you're right and we will see it again. My '09 still has a ton of life left in it...hopefully at least another good 3 years or more.

On another note; has anyone one else noticed that in the video the boost gauge is hitting ~19 peaking at 20psi, yet the official spec for the turbo is 15.9 psi? Either something is wrong with the gauge or they aren't showing it in it's production tune. I thought Ferrari only did ringer press cars!

I don't know about the new engine but 4 psi of boost will transform an EJ255 completely. If you've ever driven a stock WRX and then one with a "Stage 1" 18psi tune, you will know the difference immediately and never want to go back.
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