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Originally Posted by Turd Nugget View Post

It's funny how people act that the wrx/sti are not rods or high performance cars, the only thing high performance about them is the price. Just about every manufacturer makes something more powerful. I would have no problem giving one to a high school kid, actually is quite a safe car compared to many. If a kid is going to wrap it around a tree, they would've done it with a civic too, I'd rather have them be inside the Subaru. Old WRX's go for well under 5k, it's people that think they are worth more that pay more, I sold my 02 in less than 20 hours on CL for 5k, I would've took 3 for it, the thing was beat to hell. They really are nothing special, just another fun easy to drive awd econobox.

A lot of cars hit an acceleration ''wall'' at about 70 or 80 MPH, where the car just takes forever to get up past that speed. I guess a stock WRX isn't exactly a rocket, but you get them to stage two, and they will easily run strong well past 100 MPH. That's not a learner's car, IMO.

A friend of mine was in a serious wreck in a WRX when he was 18. Triple digit speeds. Another friend's son wrecked his in less than six months of ownership, on a boulder strewn corner less than 1/2 mile from home. He walked. The first guy also walked, but the driver of that car wasn't so lucky, and neither was the telephone pole. Both cars were totaled.

As for affordability, I sold my 02 on Craigslist for 5K as well. It was high miles, but a very good runner for stock, and was not beat to hell. However, I told the young man who bought it that if he did beat it to hell, tried to launch it, and never checked the fluids, that I didn't think it would last a month before he blew the engine, tranny or clutch.

It wasn't his first car, and it was ''only'' five grand. But how much for a blown engine ? How much is a clutch ? How much to swap a transmission ?

A five grand WRX can quickly become a 10 grand WRX. There is a reason why they get cheaper as the miles pile up. But if you spend all your money buying it, or making payments on it, there isn't going to be a lot left over for repairs.

Mine had a recent timing belt, less than 5000 miles on the tires, newish rotors and pads, a decent transmission and clutch, good AC, no rust, and a good interior. Even the spark plugs were new.

If you are going to buy a used WRX, you want one like that. But how many of them for sale are really like that anyway ? Yours admittedly was ''beat to hell''.
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