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um, im pretty sure that a 22b is an ej20 stroked to 2.2L, not an ej22t.

Also here is the jist of it:

EJ22g VS EJ22t

EJ22g, naturally aspirated, open deck, dual and single port heads, spanned OBD1 and 2, no oil squirters. avl, 9.7:1 compression. Found in Impreza L, LX and Outback's
~140hp. capable of about 4-6 psi unmodded internals (usually loses head gasket)

EJ22t, lightly turbocharged, closed deck, single port heads, oil squirters, only OBD1, 8.1:1 compression. Found in rare turbo Legacy's only. ~160hp. come stock @ 7-9PSI wastegate/nonintercooled. can run as high as 18PSI? unmodded internals.

I know that might not be super accurate, but it is a general idea. hope that helps.
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