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15. If you also want to remove the marker light voer that is on the back side of the housing, do so now. Just insert at small jewelers flat head into the slot marked below and pop it out. Be careful not to scrath the reflective surface. If you want to see what it all looks like WITHOUT this removed, check out Brahmzy's pics in this thread.

Now to put it all back together!

Brahmzy suggested the following:
"To ensure a proper reseal of the headlight, I bought a roll of 3M "strip caulk". It's the 1/4"-3/8" thick black sticky windshield caulk. Same stuff Subaru use for these headlights and windshields. The autoparts store should have some. Put a thinnish strip all the way around in the 'trough' of the headlight housing where the lens will 'sink' into"

I however didn't do this. There's plenty of caulk left as long as you don't scrape any off.

Reinstall the front of the housing to the back, making sure you get all the locking tabs on the bottom to reseat. Press the two halves together as much as you can, but they don't have to seat all the way yet.

Pop the light back in the oven at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes. pull it out when the time is up, and press the housing together until they are firmly seated and sealed, again making sure the tabs are locked. Now screw it all back together and put the bulbs back on... using the other light as a reference for how to route the wires and plugs.

If you are putting orange bulbs in the place of where the lenses were, do so now while it's all still accessible.

REPEAT procedure for other headlight.
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