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I have to agree with the rest of the peoplr and say, go with HPI. I used to own an HPI rally, and ive been a frequent poster on the HPI forum for well over two years now.

There are a couple of options. People keep on mentioning the Nitro RS4, but the draw back of this is that it is designed for on road use, not rally use. Somthing to keep in mind. your next bet would be the Super Nitro RS4 Rally. It seems to have a preaty good build quality, and after break in, is a vpreaty quick little car. Plus in the next couple of months the Impreza WRC body will be avliable. Curently, they already have a EVO-VI, and the Susuki Escudo/Gran Vitara (better known as "Fred" on the HPI forums, long story). Heres a shot of the New Impreza body.

due to size, heres a couple of link of more pics for you too look at.

For more info on the SNR visit this link.

And also take a peak into the HPI Rally Forums, we can help to answer ANY question you may have. Reguarding hte SNR, or the electric rallys.

good luck.
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