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Default 2015 WRX & 2015 STi preliminary results

[/b][/b][/b][/b]Event: Dyno Pulls (2) 2015 WRX's
Location: ECS Performance
Ambient Temp:34F
Elevation: 100
Weather:Cold, DRY

Car: 2015 WRX
Tuner: STI Mikey / Paul Scott
Dyno Info: brand
Transmission: 6 Speed
Gear: 3rd
Peak HP at RPM: 230
Peak Torque at RPM: 260

Target boost: 17-22psi

AFR: 12.4 tapering to 10.5

I'm pretty excited to start a new, personal Subaru project. Yesterday both myself, Paul Scott from ECS Performance, and Jimmy from The Shop CT all picked up our 15's. Paul and I chose to go with the new platform, Jimmy decided on the STi.

We'll be dyno'ing the STi shortly, but I figured I would first share the WRX results.

First off, I'm going to be unbiased. The car handles exactly how all the reviews described. A tire and a slight drop and this car will be EVO status in the corners. Its close already in all honesty.

The power, well "peak wise" its what I was expecting but the band is sloppy at best. Im assuming the target boost is around 17-18 psi but the car constantly hits 20, in some cases as much as 22.5 psi. The TurboDynamics are constantly working. Boost is constantly rising and falling in most cases. You feel it in the pedal, you feel it in the seat, and in some cases the passenger even feels it.

Nonetheless, its a pleasure to drive

Tuning Notes:

Nothing is readily available yet, but we were able to log the car with the mustang dyno software.

At 21 psi tapering to 8, the ignition curve is different than any of the previous cars. -1 at the hit climbing to 3 degrees by 6k. At 6k a steep incline to 15 by 6500.

If I had a guess these cars are going to tune out similar to a Focus ST or a Mazda Speed 3. Just an assumption though.

With the direct injection, fuel stays pretty flat in the mid 12s then nose dives into the mid 10's after 6k RPM.

A note to others throwing their 15's on the rollers. As you know, aside from the 8 spd CVT the cars come with a 6 speed. The gears are long. Third still hits just about 100mph by redline.

If you pull the car in 4th, its hard to get decent numbers. The car detonates and you are instantly put into fail safe tables as I will display below.

Hoping Cobb or Ecutek will come through soon. The cars have potential!


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