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Default Questions for JoeT, Turboing BE

well, i took your good idea joe and made a new thread so people can gain some knowledge from you through my questions.

The main thing i have questions on is the wiring of the Autronic, because it isnt too specific in the manual and we are already doing many things different than it says.

the first thing i am unsure about is what needs to be completely cut from the OEM harness and what needs to just be spliced into.
here is my guesses, please correct me if i am wrong

TPS-rewire to autronic

Air intake Temp-(self explanatory, came with Autronic)

Coolant Temp Sensor-leave in OEM sensor, rewire to Autronic(does this need to just be spliced?)

02 sensor-ok, here is where it gets tricky, i was looking at my wiring diagram(AT) and yours(MT) and it looks like you have a 4 wire front 02 sensor and i have a 6 wire 02. from rereading your old post on your 2.5T you say that mine has a 6 wire and that it works just fine with the autronic but i would need to do creative wiring, looking at the autronic manual basically it seems like there is a power, ground, then 2 signal wires, so the problem is i have 4 signal wires and power and ground, how can that work out what do i do with the extra signal wires? sorry i cant really figure it out by the instructions but this just has me confused and i want to be able to datalog like you. maybe i'll ask good ol' steve about that one

IAC-leave completely OEM, no splicing or rewiring necessary

Ignition waste spark-rewire to autronic per your instructions, combining 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 together into 2 terminals

Injectors-rewire to autronic

Crank trigger-splice

Cam trigger-splice

Fuel pump-unsure on this one again, you said no rerouting needs to be done, so does that mean i can just leave it entirely intact? no splicing or anything? i see in the manual there is a Fuel output on the autronic, you are saying this is not needed correct?

thanks again, sorry for all the questions, i tried to let them build so i could get them all out of the way at once so i could stop bothering you, but i really appreciate it.

everyone else, ENJOY! (especially you solomon )

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