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If I'm at a cheap gas station, sometimes the Baja won't fill (or spills). Even at good gas stations I have to mess the nozzle around a bit. Noticed that new Dodges have the same problem, maybe it's just new stuff.
*btw if you are wondering, that switch on the gas door is connected to nothing. I was going to add an anti-siphon to my alarm but there are no wires on it.

Big people have trouble fitting in it, and tear up my pillars in doing so. I'm used to getting into it, but it's always a bit of a dance. Of course the only option is to get an SUV and kiss my 25+ mpg goodbye

Cruise control gets a little stoned sometimes, but someone already covered that.

If you are folding down the back seat, you need to scoot the front seats up a little first.

Not many hiding spots for adding big aftermarket stuff (2nd battery, radio equip, OBC, inverter, misc). Actually space for roadside gear is kind of sparse also. Behind the backseat/under drivers seat are your main resources, but I'm working on more >:} When you trade your trunk for a bed that's what happens. *However if you are adding an alarm there are several great nooks and crannies you can hide stuff in, and it becomes pretty inaccessible w/o some ten+ minutes of tedious dissassembly

But that's all nitpicky stuff, nothing's perfect. It's fun to drive and work on A nice little car. With a bed!

BTW anyone get/like the roof bike rack? I was thinking of getting one.
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