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Exclamation READ FIRST! Conversions Forum: FAQs and Threads of Note

faq/threads of note submissions here:

Q: "Can I put a <insert engine here> into my <insert Subaru here>?"
A: Subaru has a high interchangability rate as far as drivetrain components go. If your car came with an EJ series engine, then any other EJ series engine will "drop" into your chassis. I say "drop" because while they do share the same engine mounts, some other components may be required to change first before the engine can go in. Think Legos.

Q: "What is an 'EJ' series engine?"
A: EJ is the engine code for many Subaru engines. It is thought to have the following definition: E-Engine and J-H4. They are commonly found in the Impreza, Legacy, Liberty (overseas Legacy), Forester, and WRX. The typical naming convention is the engine code followed by the engine size. ie: a 1.8L engine from a 1993 Subaru Impreza is EJ18.

Q: "I have <insert subaru here>, what are my swap options?"
A: Lets go over the model history first:
EJ18: Found in Imprezas from 1993-1997. Rated at 110hp and 120 ft-lbs
EJ22 Phase I: Found in Legacies from 1990-1998 and Imprezas from 1995-1998. Comes rated at 130hp and 137 ft-lbs, 135hp and 140 ft-lbs, or 137hp and 145 ft-lbs.
EJ22 Phase II: Found in Legacies in 1999 and Imprezas from 1999-2001. Rated at 142hp and 149 ft-lbs.
EJ22-T Phase I: Found in Sport Sedan and Touring Wagons (Legacies) from 1990-1994. Turbocharged and non-intercooled. Rated at 160hp and 181 ft-lbs. Closed deck, cast pistons, forged rods, oil squirters: turbo motor. Poor flowing heads.
EJ25 DOHC Phase I: Found in Legacies from 1996-1999, Imprezas in 1998, and Foresters in 1998. Rated at either 155hp and 140 ft-lbs in 1996 or 165hp and 162 ft-lbs in 1997-1999.
EJ25 SOHC Phase II: Found in Legacies from 2000+, Imprezas from 1999+, and Foresters from 1999+. Rated at 165hp and 166 ft-lbs. There was a slight compression ratio change from 1999-2000 where it went from 9.7:1 to 10.0:1.
USDM EJ20: US Domestic Market WRX. Found in 2002+ WRXs. Rated at 227hp and 217 ft-lbs. Turbocharged, intercooled, open deck, and decent heads.
EJ255 DOHC: Available in 2004 in the Forester XT. Rated at 210hp and 235 ft-lbs. Turbocharged, intercooled, VVTi (Variable Valve Timing), and drive by wire.
EJ257 STi DOHC: Available in 2004 in the WRX STi. Rated at 300hp and 300 ft-lbs. Turbocharged, intercooled, AVCS (Active Valve Control System), drive by wire, intercooler sprayer, and semi-closed design.

There is also a large variety of engines available from the JDM and EDM locales. The EG33 from the SVX and the EZ30 from the new H6 Legacy can also be found, but they are larger and will be more difficult to swap.

With that out of the way, the choices are pretty limitless. As stated previously, since these are all EJ series engines, they will all bolt into any Forester, Impreza, or Legacy. If the recipient car was an NA car and is receiving a turbo motor from a donor car, then swapping in a turbo crossmember is mandatory to clear the turbo up-pipe. A turbo crossmember from the 1990-1994 Legacy is a direct
swap into the old-age Imprezas. A turbo crossmember from a USDM WRX will require shims between the front control arm front bushing and the crossmember.

Q: "How do I get started sourcing my new project?"
A: There are many vendors that will help you on your way. Some of them include,,,,,, and You can also try this thread: [url][/url or this thread:

Q: "Where can I find miscellaneous parts needed for my project?"
A: Unless it is JDM, you can find the parts both used and brand new. Some personal favorites of mine for used parts include,,, and Sometimes, going new is the only way to go. If that is the case, there are a number of great dealerships registered as vendors on this site,, or your local dealership. Most of the vendors registered here offer parts at near wholesale and actively watch the Private Wanted Classifieds. If you don't have a connection at the local dealership, they are probably going to charge you full retail price; retail is often $2 more for a $5 item and goes up from there. If it is JDM, then try some of the JDM importers such as those listed above. There are a few Japanese members on the board but please don't hound them to hit their local Subaru parts department for you.

Q: "Can I update my Impreza to look like a 2.5RS?"
A: Yes, you can. The chassis has remained the same from 1993-2001. There have been very few drastic updates over the years. There was a facelift done in 1997, but it uses the same mounting points. The RS bumper was updated in 1999 to use the Version V bumper. This required a new bumper beam. The items needed can be found in this thread:
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