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My #1 complaint is this

whilst driving speeds of 70 and above i experience this god awful buzzing sound from the from left part of the windshield. well after much trial and error i have it down to the fact that on my baja for some reason the exterior window molding was creating a channel for air to pass through at high speeds and when the air would escape it would act similiar to a read and vibrate and inturn vibrate the windshield and make the horrible sound. However after what seems like siloconing the entire drivers side of the car i got it to go away . but at least the sound is gone.

#2 with larger wheels aka 17-18 the tires sidewalls aren't deep enough so every bump you go over feels like a freaking curb.

#3 the firewall is too close to the engine can't fit the big intercooler in their perfectly with out mashing down on the brake resovior. oh well i made my own bracket and now it hits the hood but hey it's a price we pay

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