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Originally Posted by Redeemed77 View Post
Ok, good...people laugh, but 10 pounds here, 20 pounds there, etc....its starts adding up.
Very true!

Originally Posted by jlangholzj View Post
Dear Mishi,

1) It's awesome seeing a company this devoted to customer service and being this involved with the community. I can only rattle off a handful of names that will do that. Go buy whoever had this idea a beer for me.

2) Haven't had a chance to even look at my '14 hatch's radiator yet but what's the fin design on the radiators along with the # of cores? I'm assuming they're running two cores of some sort but I'd be interested to see if they're running a louvered, wave, staggered core....etc. I'm sure you guys have that part under control though

3) If you guys need an extra engineer that has a BS. in EE and a BS. in ME, with considerable heat exchanger design experience...let me know....please? Looks like a seriously cool work environment!

Keep up the awesome work, I'll be waiting for the next video.
1. Thank you very much!
2. The 2015 model uses a single row radiator at just 20mm thick. Despite this, it features a very dense louvered core. We will certainly be developing an upgraded component to handle additional heat that comes along with engine upgrades.
3. Thanks for the offer! We are always accepting applications. Feel free to shoot me a PM regarding this if you have a moment!

Originally Posted by 2013Leg View Post
I'd be curious if you could maybe do some interior measurements? Looking specifically for seat size, width of seat, width of upper seat, length from edge of seat to the pedals and from interior b pillar to b pillar.

Reason I'm asking, I'm a bigger dude and coming from a 2013 Legacy I want to see if I fit .
Absolutely! Check out the images below for your measurements. The one measurement I could not obtain was from the seat to the pedals. Our car is a bit dismantled and the electrics are not currently connected. Once we have everything close to being back together I will get this for you as well.

B-pillar to B-pillar measurement: 51"

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