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Unhappy A lesson learned the hard way.

Four months ago tomarrow, to the date, was the last time I saw my car running. Some of you may have seen the thread on regarding my experience. Since the project is comming to a close, I felt as though now would be the best time to share my experience with the group over here.

I'll let who is interested in reading the story, read it. For those who don't fancy reading many words, I offer a short summary of what happened.

I gave a guy who I believed to be trustworthy; 5 grand, a vf22, a blitz fmic, a jdm bumper-beam, STI injectors and a built motor._ He was to use the 5 grand to buy a link ecu, build a turbo kit and install the kit using the parts given. Basically spend 3 grand or so on pipes and hoses.

Weeks passed and it sounded like no work was being accomplished, then he asked for more money because he ran into problem and then more weeks passed and still no work was getting done. Two months had passed and no work had really been done. So I finally "grew balls", as a friend of mine said, and towed the car away from this tuner.

The car was towed to a friends house, this is where the car was sorted thru. After less then an hour of surveying the "damage" the new machnic would have to fix, we found more then half the money worth of parts missing from the car. After a few minutes of me collecting myself because I was pretty pissed off, I called up the "tuner"and I asked the "tuner" to give the Link ecu, FJO and blitz SBC-ID back since those were purchaced with the money I gave him for the turbo kit.

After squabling on the phone with him, I knew it wasn't going to get anywhere. So that night, I talked to my mother about what happen and being the family lawyer, she got involved. At the point when she got involved, along with the police, I was able to recover the dollar value for those parts named above.

Although, I don't know if anything else is missing right now, I won't know till I get the car running and talk to the machnic who is finishing my car.

That should bring everyone to speed with what happen without giving out the names or going into lots of detail.
The reason why I wanted to post this is because I had to learn a lesson, a very hard lesson. I wish people could learn from what I had to go thru and I hope by telling my story, it might just help someone out.

These are a few suggestions that I would like to make.
These are all things I should have done better. While I did have documentation, its not where it should be. While I did ask around for opinions about the "tuner" I should have also looked up his record thru a professional background checker. While I called the "tuner" every day or every few days, there was no penalty if he was just blowing smoke. So below are a few suggestions.

#1, Do a background check on the person or people you let work on your car or give the keys to for an extended period of time.
If I checked this guys background out, I would have never let him even sit in my car._

#2, Have good documentation and witnesses in a signed agreement of money being exchanged and services being done.

#3, Make agreements on when updates will come and penalties for missed updates.

#4, Make sure to follow a strict schedule and enforce penalties.

#5, Know what they are doing to your car, if you don't know then find someone who would know. Don't let them tell you they are out of blinker fluid and it will cost $1,000 bucks to fill it back up. (this didn't happen to me, but just an over the top example).

I hope someone will learn something from my mistakes. I learned a costly lesson in these past four months. I am just lucky that my expenses are minimal and I could afford this mistake an still go on with the project.

For those who do like a long read. Check out
This link to about my rs-t story as it was on going.


Sorry for the bad grammer or spelling. Its alot I am trying to pull out of my brain
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