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Default Cruise control

I need help trying to figure out what is wrong with my cruise control unit. I have to do a 14+ hour drive at somepoint this week and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. So any ideas, suggestions, anyone who has had their cruise control go caput, and found a fix...places to look, ect would be appreciated. Also if anyone has installed the cruise control in their car, and have a copy of the instructions on their computer that they could send me that would be great as well.

My cruise contol light does go on. However the cruise wont engage.
The only thing that was done to the car inbetween the last time I used it and the time I noticed that it had gone wrong was that I took my car to a Subaru dealership to have the oil changed.

The only other things that are wrong with my car at the moment. The AC was recharged and found to be leaking from the o-rings. However this was done after my cruise stopped working.
I had my clutch replace and somehow the pivot arm (I think thats what it is) got bent. This causes my clutch pedal to vibrate a lot.

edit: Looking through back posts..

If you have a 5MT, take a look at the clutch pedal. On my OBS, there's a white plastic plug attached to the clutch pedal arm that actuates the cruise cut-off swith on the clutch (push in the clutch, cruise turns off). If this part is missing, the dashboard switch turns on, but cruise will not work. Give it a look.

Anyone know if this applies to my 97 impreza. If so what does it look like?
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