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Post What a day yesterday was

I left work early to go get Diablo II. On my way to EB at the local mall, I saw a blue RS that had NO ground clearance comming up behind me. I moved over to see what he had done to the car.

Turns out that it was CobyRS from this board, and let me say, he has a nice ride. At least a 2 inch drop and race compound tires, and it all looks well done. Suspension is by Tien and the wheels looked great.

We talked at a red light for a few seconds and went our way. I went to the mall and got my Diablo II (even lucked out and got an unclaimed Collector's edition). While I was leaving the mall I saw CobyRS pulled over by a silver RS.

I turned around and pulled in next to these guys. I forget the owner of the Silver car's name, but he has one of the first MY00 Minnam Turbo's on his car.

Turned out to be a really nice day, getting Diablo II and seeing 2 nicely modded RS's.

Someone took pics and said he would post them today.

Oh well, back to work.

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