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Post 12 second loyale

Hehehe....made ya look . No, really...
From time to time, most of you know I like to espouse aimlessly about my addiction to fast sheetmetal and gas fumes. Well, another crazy idea has entered my fogged out-flashback of a hippie brain:

A mid 80's loyale or legacy with a monster turbo motor in it. Daily Driven. Towing capability, too.

After going for a ride in a loyale wagon with a N/A 2.2 in it, I gotta say that this looks promising. The car weighs in around 2000lbs or less. They're also a dime a dozen here in Colorado (less than 500 for a good chassis.). It would also piss off a Stang'er even worse than a fast RS . The cornering ability of that hunk of japanese grocery getting might was practically nil. But, in a straight line launch, it was fast as all hell. 0-60 times were in the 6 to 7 second range! That was even at 5000ft elevation with an engine bay that looked bone stock, intake and all.

So, lets go from there. The car was an 80's brown loyale wagon with an N/A 2.2. The 2.5 would still bolt in. Turbos are a-plenty. Aaaannnnd....JC Sports is a hop skip and a jump away. They, coincidentally, own the wagon in question.

As for the motor, a 2.5 would be nice, but not required. The turbo is though. In respect to that, I have a few choices. A legacy IHI, a straight t3, or a t3/t28. No front mounted intercooler will be involved if I can help it. A top mount water-to-air is very appealing, though. Low compression pistons are a maybe, and the oil cooler is a definite. Boost will be limited to 12-14psi max. 5psi would be the normal, around town mode. This will not be a "Byron-car". I would have to smoke a lot of something before I tried that in this thing .

The real point of all this is to have a pet project to keep me from gutting my '00 RS. Parts are cheaper, as well. It would also be a cool sleeper. If done right, I'd love to see if it can tow my RS to and from race events. Stuff I've read on here points to it having been done before, so it won't be unfamiliar territory. Stay tuned!

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