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Angry 4700$ for a turbo!!!? Are you KIDDING me?

What's going on with these damn prices.. Sorry.. I thought minnams 4200$ was too expensive. I'm not gonna pay another 500$ extra.


Turbocharging a Normally aspirated car is definitely the ultimate way to increase horsepower. On a properly designed turbo kit, you can expect High horsepower gains without sacrificing too much reliability. We will be releasing our own Turbocharger kit for the Subaru Line. It will be a complete DIY bolt-on kit with full illustrations and instructions and hopefully will be CARB-approved. Our kit will be utilizing the highest quality parts and components and will have a quicker spool-up then anything on the market. It will be designed to be upgradeable in stages. We are also planning on a twin Turbo Setup for the 2000 Legacy to compete with the Japanese Spec Legacy B4 RSK . These turbo kits will be available early summer (July/Aug). Turbo kits will initially be made for 2000 model Imprezas and Legacys. We will be looking for volunteer cars to test fit our kits on 97-99 cars with promotional discounts. We also offer turbo kits for other cars as listed.

For factory turbocharged cars we offer turbo and intercooler upgrades to bring out the maximum potential of your car. We also offer aftermarket blow-off valves to prevent compressor surge resulting in quicker turbo response. Please Email us if your car is not listed.

AMR Turbo kits for Subaru

This will be a 100% do-it-yourself bolt-on turbo kit. All problems associated with other manufacturers’ turbo kits such as leaky oil lines, check engine lights, smog problems will be resolved in our kits. We are in the process of getting our Turbo kits CARB approved to avoid problems with warranty and smog emission issues. Our turbo kits will come complete with a

State of Art “AERODYNE” Quick-spool ball bearing turbocharger (spools as fast as a supercharger with the top end of a large turbo!) Virtually no lag, no need to launch car at 5000rpm to spool up turbo!
Tamperproof wastegate set @ 7-8PSI to prevent overboosting and potential leaning and detonation problems
AMR Slim-line top mount intercooler to clear all manufacturers tower bars
GREDDY Type “S” Blow-off valve
New “WEAPON R DRAGON” Free-flow Foam air filter
AMR Fuel management (proper fueling devices to fuel up on boost, differs for 97-99 and 2000 MODEL)
J&S Safegaurd management system (still the best device to prevent engine damaging detonation and will not trip check engine light)
Syms Style Hood Scoop for 97-2000 Forester and 2000-up Legacy
Oil catch can for all 97-99 Forester, Impreza and Legacy to prevent getting oil film on MAF sensors and causing them to malfunction
GREDDY 60mm Boost Gauge with mount
Factory Subaru catalytic converters (core charge required. When we receive your factory Catalytics back we will refund you)
All necessary clamps, silicone hoses and gaskets
Easy-to-follow instructions with pictures (also available for download online)
No tapping of oil pan or oil feed lines required! Aerodyne turbo has its own oil reservoir and comes with a 6 month Warranty!
Our initial stage 1 turbo kits will add approx. 70-80hp . Our upcoming stage 2 kits will add approx 110-120hp with recalibrated wastegate at 12psi and larger injectors and pump.

MY00 Impreza and Legacy kits will be available mid-late July while MY97-99 Impreza and Legacy kits Mid-late August.

Applications and Pricing: (all prices in US Dollars and does not include core charge for Cats.)


Impreza 95-99 $4750.00 Legacy 95-99 $4750.00 Forester 97-99 $4900.00
Impreza 2000 $4650.00 Legacy 2000 $4800.00 Forester 2000 $4800.00

Subaru Outback prices - same as Legacy
Subaru Outback Sport prices - same as Impreza

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