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That is interesting that you had such a different experience than the one I had. I currently drive a VW GTI 1.8T, and the clutch has to come up several inches before it engages... a little too much if you ask me. However, the centimeters it seemed to take before the XT clutch engaged is a little too short of an uptake, IMO, for smooth and reliable driving. There has to be a way to reach a happy medium.

Have others been having my experience or one closer to jb's? How much of an adjustment can the dealer make to help me achieve that happy medium, should I choose to go with the XT? I must say, in almost every way the XT seemed superior to the WRX... to my personal tastes, of course (though I do love the look of the WRX... especially the '03). My real balking point is my concern regarding the twitchy mannerisms experienced with this practically zero-travel clutch. Can I put my fears to rest and just assume that it was an aberration? Either way, will it be an easy/inexpensive adjustment to get the pedal to engage right were I want it to?

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